Magix Integration (Pty) Limited

Company Description

People drive information systems in today’s business environment and are a company’s greatest asset, but these same people can also be it’s greatest vulnerability.

magix-officeMagix knows where the human risk elements hide and how to overcome them.

In an environment already focused on corporate governance, security and compliance, Magix recognises, and knows how to prevent, insider threats to information systems.

For this reason, Magix has taken Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) to the level of ‘Integrated Risk Management’, using technology, software development and consulting services to eliminate fraud, money laundering, information leakage and the misuse of assets.

Magix offers leading software applications and integration solutions which empower clients to protect business operations and safeguard intellectual property, combining thorough case by case methodologies with global product expertise, cutting-edge software development and non-invasive auditing.

chris-hills                hedley-hurwitz
  Chris Hills                                                               Hedley Hurwitz
  Executive Chairman & Financial Director        Managing Director

Investment Logic

Conexus’ investment in Magix was made on the basis of recognizing the immense intellectual property (IP) value at the leading edge of information technology regulation. The value of this IP will manifest itself as the world of IT opens up, requiring greater integration yet more regulation.

For more information, please visit the Magix website.magix-logo-thumb