Conexus Profile and Structure


Conexus was established in October 2006 by Douglas Investments to provide Clients exposure to private equity investments. 

In the opinion of Douglas Investments there are opportunities that have been inadequately recognized as a result of the specific circumstances that surround these investments. Conexus is structured to act as a capital partner to these companies in private equity style.



The Conexus structure consists of two entities, being:

Conexus Investment Fund Limited (“CIF”) which holds a portfolio of cash, near cash, hedge funds and quoted (relatively liquid) investments. This is to achieve a return on invested funds prior to being drawn down to meet investment opportunities in Conexus Capital Trust; and Conexus Capital Trust (“CCT”) which holds the private equity investments.

Conexus Capital Trust is completing the private equity investment cycle and is in the process of being realised and the cash being offered back to Investors.

A follow on Fund named Conexus Capital Growth Fund ("CCGF") has been established to allow Investors to participate in the next vintage of Private Equity.


Douglas Investments hosts Investors Meetings from time to time and Investors are provided with an Annual Report and detailed information on the Fund’s investments and performance. Investors are also sent a Quarterly Statement together with the Fact Sheet.

The non-executive Advisory Board consists of Anthony Hewat (Chairman) and Peter Hird. The Fund is managed by Douglas Investments and is independently administered by Realtime Financial Solutions (Pty) Ltd.